He Who Fights Monsters

Session 11: Don't Bring a Khopesh to a Gun-fight


We had a few months of quiet-time. Just a few zombies and monsters and that kind of shit – nothing worth worrying about.

Things with 8-Ball are going great! I’ve got some connections in Chicago now, and we’ve been running guns up into the city or out of it, depending on where they’re coming from. Plenty of guns getting sold the regular way, of course, but people still want some with the serial numbers already filed off.

Been checking in with the Loyalists too – things are going well there from all I can tell. I’m their official rep for the southern part of the state, which amounts to nothing most of the time, but some backup when I need to shoot some zombies and not get arrested. Not sure I like some of the new faces on Jonesboro’s pig squad, though. Might have to do something about that.

So I was out getting my run in after the breakfast of champions (Muscle Pharm and Vodka) when I come across, I shit you not, a fucking knight. All in chain mail with a sword and shit. He’s surrounded by cops and seems like he’s freaking out. We eventually get him away from the cops without more than a little tazer-burn, and our new doc What’s-her-name could take a look at him.

Turns out he’s a straight-up Templar, from 1114. We set him straight about where and when he was, and he talked about fighting this crocodile-headed demon bitch in some Egyptian tomb. He grabbed her tail in the fight and ended up here. I’m thinking, yeah, Beezleboss. Otherwise why the fuck would an Egyptian croc-demon come to Jonesboro?

So we go out looking for the other knights. We find Tomas, who seems pretty straight-up, and Paul, who is kind of a pussy I think. Not much of a knight so far, but maybe he’s got potential.

Turns out all of these Templars have magic Jesus-swords, and if demons get ‘em it’s bad news, so we had to track down some mummies and remove their heads with bullets. They had claws and sickles and shit, but we had guns, and that was kind of that.

Was nice to take The Vengeance out for a spin – old girl was gathering some dust. Reminded me I need to put in the additional cooling system – even a F250 struggles pulling around all that armor plating.

So, looks like we’ve got these Templars and some mummies to chase down. Looks like the head mummy is still out there – went by the ol’ Pawnee Museum and all the coffins were busted out from the inside. And here I was, worried I’d just end up another biker thug running guns and drugs. Back to monster-huntin’, baby. Love it.


robosnake robosnake

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