The Vengeance

A 62 Airstream pulled behind a late 70s F250 supercab...of justice!


Jack has been hard at work creating a Scoobie Mobile for the hunter gang. Through the auto shop run by 8 Ball, he has found a big ass truck and a classic Airstream trailer that he has been refurbishing himself. Taken together, he calls it The Vengeance, and it should be a much more convenient way of getting around, though for most trips he’ll still use his bike (which can be towed instead of the Airstream, obviously).

Over time Jack is going to continue modifying the Vengeance, as time and experience points allow. It is going to be a combination of Safe House and Armory, basically.

Size *
Secrecy ***+
Traps +
Cache (truck) *+
Cache (trailer) *

Total ******** (8)


The Vengeance

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