He Who Fights Monsters

Session 9: Ailurophobia and the Double-banger

I thought I was ok with Ellie Arnold McKay‘s death. Ellie was ok with Ellie’s death, or at least it seemed that way. Lots of reasons for a demon to lie to me, but he seemed like he hadn’t gotten the deal he wanted from her. So wherever dead people go, she and Micah Arnold McKay are there.

It happened a week ago, and I thought I’d go and raise a glass to them, but it turns out I kept raising glasses from that point until the funeral. I mean, I’ve been sober a few times in the last week, but more often than not I haven’t been.

That wasn’t justice, not any kind of justice I know about. That was some bullshit. You hunt monsters, but you die in a hospital room from who-knows-what? Nobody can even explain it, not so I can understand.

The funeral is a blur, but I remember I gave a good eulogy for Ellie. The next thing I remember, I’m choking a dying guy unconscious. Something about a demon. Then there’s lost of talking, and so I take it upon myself to get rid of the body. Grab a computer repair truck and burn the motherfucker in an abandoned parking lot.

I catch a ride back with “Ivy” in her muscle car. Shit, I forgot her name. Handy with a gun. Speaking of handy with a gun, looks like the Loyalists have sent in some reinforcements, a chick named Valerie. Seems to know her shit, and is also good with a gun.

After that was a lot of gettin’-to-know-ya back at the safe-house. We end up having to go grab Jonny Mendez from Old Chink Quarry, using what’s-her-name as the honey-trap. We ask him politely why he abused a certain turtle, and it turns out he was sacrificing the turtle to a demon he met while on shrooms.

Yeah, that makes sense.

He decided to skip town, but Thomas Friedrich Oollery Narc’ed on him, so I guess he’s going down, and that’s probably that.

Next day, my Amazon Prime packages arrive at my post box – some nice white-p rounds. Locked and loaded, we’re heading out to go fuck up a DoubleBanger. Or whatever you call it.

Oh, and just for the record, fuck cats.


robosnake robosnake

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