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  • Jack Vance

    Jack is a big biker dude who sustains himself with petty crime, providing criminal muscle, and no-holds-barred prizefighting in local shows. He is the older child of his loving parents, and thoroughly a black sheep in his family compared to his over- …

  • Ellie Arnold McKay

    Ellie is a Jonesboro native who's never ventured too far from home. She got both her bachelor's and her Ph.D. at the University of Southwestern Illinois, not ten miles from her hometown. Ellie's father passed away of a heart attack when she was …

  • Valerie Planck

    Valerie has been sent to Jonesboro to straighten things out with [[:jack-vance | Jack Vance]], who has proven to be highly effective in a very small set of circumstances, and otherwise kind of at a loss. She is his superior in the Loyalist hierarchy.