Tag: Loyalist


  • Jack Vance

    Jack is a big biker dude who sustains himself with petty crime, providing criminal muscle, and no-holds-barred prizefighting in local shows. He is the older child of his loving parents, and thoroughly a black sheep in his family compared to his over- …

  • Maximilian "Max" Fleischer

    Max is firmly in control and he knows it. He values agency and despises incompetence, especially in his own men, and he's been known to run a tight shift with the Loyalists. He'd also be the first to admit that, despite his organization, he is not in fact …

  • Andrea Meier

    Andrea is a Loyalist scholar who specializes in the identification and interrogation of monsters. She likes people, but is a little "off," which makes her social engagements awkward to say the least.

  • Valerie Planck

    Valerie has been sent to Jonesboro to straighten things out with [[:jack-vance | Jack Vance]], who has proven to be highly effective in a very small set of circumstances, and otherwise kind of at a loss. She is his superior in the Loyalist hierarchy.