Lucas St. Clair

The introspective leader of the 8-Ball Motorcycle Club.


Lucas was actually born in a well-to-do family, and, before starting the 8-Balls, he was receiving a stellar education from the University of Southwestern Illinois, hoping to get his Doctor of Pharmacy degree. Unfortunately, during his senior year, one of Lucas’s professors — an envious and bitter man — effectively ended Lucas’s academic career by planting illicit substances on the student. Lucas was kicked out of school, and, with his parents unwilling to welcome him back into his home, he had to make his own way.

Disillusioned with no job experience and a black mark on his academic record, Lucas resorted to crime. He started by cooking and selling drugs, but eventually got in contact with the 8-Ball Motorcycle Club and began to traffic contraband with them. Eventually, he was inducted into their gang and slowly made his way up the chain. Proving himself to be a loyal, reliable, and ambitious member for years, when the gang’s old leader was killed in an automobile accident, it was no question that Lucas would lead the gang.

At first it wasn’t easy, and his introspective demeanor turned some away from the club. However, Lucas’s idealistic vision for the gang and what it could accomplish appealed to many, and steadily the 8-Balls grew in power. They are now one of the most significant gangs within Hansen County and are responsible for approximately 90% of the drug trade within Jonesboro.

Lucas St. Clair

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