He Who Fights Monsters

Session 8: Mano-a-Monster

And mano and girl-mano and then the hospital

It started, like it does sometimes, with an axe-murderer. Word was, he looked just like me. So everybody was all wondering, “Jack, are you an axe-murderer? No, come on, really?”

No. So we head up to Chi-town, and it turns out the cops think I’m an axe-murderer too, because wanted posters with my handsome mug are all over the city. Bad news.

The rest of our little foursome of fury goes and investigates, and I sit back and have a smoke. At the crime scene, Scooby-Tom gets a whiff of something and, I shit you not, dives into the sewers like a fat ninja.

Long story short, we all ended up going down there, but one at a time, which, it turns out, was so fucking stupid. The Double-banger, or whatever it was, is like fucking bullet-proof, and it takes out Tom, Sohpie, and then me.

Next it’s a blur. I’m in police custody, but Andrea Meier pretends to be a detective, or something, and breaks me out. I’ve still got the staples.

So we’re at the Loyalist’s HQ, and Ellie’s husband flat-lines, which I now know means he starts dying, and gets covered in doctors and nurses. Then Ellie goes in, tries to Vulcan mind-meld with him, and drops to the floor too, and it sounds like she’s dying too.

And then there’s the albino devil guy, and he asks me if I want to save my friend. Of course, asshole. Then he says she refused the deal, and so I tell him to fuck off.

Because, choices matter.

And we’re going to have to kill this dude.


robosnake robosnake

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