He Who Fights Monsters

Session 6: Loyalty

It was full of vampires

I slice up the bat-monster-vampire-Mikkelson, and we tumble out of the sky. Well, I drop like a rock, and I didn’t see where the bat-monster went. I climb down to the street and I’m after the thing like Hell’s behind me, until I realize I feel really weird. I’m definitely covered in blood, and I don’t know which is the monster’s and which is mine. Things start to spin, and I end up against a wall in an alleyway.

Some helpful fucker comes by to “call am Ambulance” and ends up stripping me butt-naked. I won’t even realize this not a normal naked-time until hours later. Someone is in the Ambulance with me, someone friendly. Probably Ellie Arnold McKay.

Next thing I know I wake up, or come to, in the hospital, and fuck me if I don’t feel great. I thought I was hurt way worse than I really was, looks like. I pull the tubes out and hook back up with the other hunters and once I have some shitty preppy clothes, we head out.

I remember a dream, or something, that I had, of this real pale dude standing over me. As we head out, Ellie or Sophie notice that a lot of people are “coding”, which is what they call dying in the hospital. Something scratches at my brain, but I figure, bad luck for them, good luck for me.

We hunker down with the Loyalists in their secret nerd-bunker, and I decide to take up Maximilian “Max” Fleischer on his offer. Tom is back with us, and I know Sophie isn’t a huge Loyalist fan, but so what? You just gotta know how to deal with these people, is all. They hear threats like pretty much everybody else.

There’s this whole big ceremony, and I reminds me of the white-power rallies they still sometimes have in our neck of the woods, but a lot less angry. Hitler was a piece of shit, but these guys are alright.

We get it into our heads to go monster-hunting, and I figure that since the last monster we fought looked like a bat, we should go to find where bats hang out. Logical, right? So we head out to Red Gate Woods, where there’s this bat-cave. We sneak in, and I shit you not, Mr. Bat-Monster is right there, talking about Lillith or somesuch.

We get all lined up, and I figure it’s my turn to kick things off as usual, so I run in and chop him near in half.

First bad thing is that he heals right up. That’s not good at all.

Second bad thing is I look around at all the other cultists down here in this cave, and they all have fangs.

Things look real bad for us, so I do the desperate thing: I let Sophia talk. She seems to want to join the monster-cult of Lillith, but whatever, she talks our asses out of there, and I’m thankful for that.

Once we’re out, I call in a hit-squad from the Loyalists, and the blow up the cave to collapse it on the vampires.

My gut says the bat-monster is still out there, but I bet some of those cultist-vampires won’t be coming out any time soon.


robosnake robosnake

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