He Who Fights Monsters

Session 4: Beelzebust

Greg Mikkelsen turned to ash and Maxine Levy didn’t turn to anything at all, and that was that. I pulled my axe out of Mikkelson’s skull, and sat down for a breather.

Sophie dug through his pockets and found this creepy-looking coin. Not one to keep secrets, I think she posted it to some blog of hers then and there.


It had kind of a creepy feel to it, and she went all ape-shit, and that was the last I saw of it for a while. But something about it pissed off her ex-husband Reginald Howard who, it turns out, is kind of a douchebag, and is also Sophia’s fucking kryptonite. He called, or she did, or some shit, and they just go at it. It’s kind of hilarious, and then you just feel bad, and lastly, annoying as fuck.

Then the fucker steals the coin. Because, you know, asking is for chumps.

But, anyway, we end up at Raymond’s office.

He’s a professor, of course. I’m not actually clear on why we were there – I stuck with Tom, but went into Reggie’s office, and I could tell I’d have to strong-arm him.

That completely failed.

Something happened out in the hallway – there was a gunshot. I made a jackass (heh, Jack, I just noticed that) of myself, and when I got my shit together I could see that Tom shot some security-looking guy. Then Sophie threatened Reggie’s personal assistant, who just freaked out. Then Tom punched the guy in the face, and I think he might have died. I’m not sure cause Tom and I GTFO. We passed the cops on the way out.

Somehow Sophie and Ellie talked their way out of the shit, and then tracked info about the coin down to a museum in Chicago. It was part of some display or whatever, so we roll up to Chicago and go into the museum.

Weird shit starts. We get the coin, but there’s this special display they’ve set up for it. There’s a fake coin but we get the real one. And we’re going back and forth about what to do with it, and shit just gets crazy, and then a clear moment comes, and I realize – of course! The coin goes in the thing. It just fits there. So in it goes.

And then Sophie knocks it over – she wants her coin real bad, and is pissed at Reggie, and gets how she gets – and then it all goes south. Like an earthquake, and some creepy stuff happens, and everybody freaks.

Later we find out, I shit you not, that the coin was like a prison for this demon called Beelzebub. And now Beelzebub is out.

It all would have gone a lot better if Reggie wasn’t such a douchebag, but there you go. Fucking ivory tower, man. Does something to you.


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