He Who Fights Monsters

Session 3: Getting dowm to business

: from the notes of Thomas F. Oollery private detective Jonesboro:

Day 3 of the Watkins/ Mikklesen case. The dream came again, through a cramped dark hole I crawled then another I was shone caskets. A man arises from one, he wears a leather jacket a face with European features. I awake to see Sandra despondent head against the window. realizing i need to meet the others from the previous night at the woods i entrust her to an ambulance called in by Amanda.

I hoof it to IHOP the Head Dr. is in attendance with the Teacher by the looks of it they’ve been here awhile (not accustomed to night work). Jack arrives when I do (definitely accustomed). We share our findings with each other over the unusual case. They seem to all agree there is something magical about the deaths and shady figure Mikklesen. They loose me in conversation after cellular telephones come out, Mr Young may be able to explain at a later time if i bring him sustenance or soda pop.

We track MIkkelsen to a suburban type setting a house. outside a few low lives that Jack seemed to take unawares and bash unconscious. Entering through the garage we discover a mass of drugs known as Red Phosphorous and uncover a door hidden behind a cabinet We agree to convene the following day after we all gather more information and evidence. Later that day I hit the streets known to house less savory types of the populace and persuade a pusher to let me in on a tip. Mikklesen uses an old warehouse across town.

Day 4 Watkins/ MIkklesen case. The dream tells me MIkkleson’s on to us. We meet again in the morning to discuss findings again they are convinced of magic stuff being involved movie monsters and such I vaguely recall from youth. I fill them in on the warehouse and then we talk strategy.

We arm ourselves accordingly Jack makes up some special silver rounds while I help myself to a few pocket pies followed up by krimpets. Mmmm.

Later: At the warehouse we confronted Mickkleson and his number 2. I fall short taking a few quick shots while most of the action is handled by Jack and Sofia, while Ellie took care of most of the crowd control with bear mace.

Conclusion: after accounting for the amount of damage absorbed by Mikkleson and Levy I must admit that there seems to be much involved that as yet I have not been aware or willing to accept


idk why the type is different in the middle, or where to shoe horn slavoski in


+1 xp for you, sir, and +1 practical xp for the group!

robosnake SuccessfulWillSave

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